Date of Entry in Service: November, 2009


  • 7680 CPU cores = 960 compute nodes with eight cores each
  • 40 infrastructure nodes
  • Processors : each node has two Intel Xeon X5560 quad-core processors at 2.8 GHz
  • Cache : each processor has 8 MB of cache at 2.667 GHz, shared by the four cores
  • Main Memory : DDR3 at 1333 MHz. 936 nodes with 24 GB (3 GB per core) and 24 nodes with 48 GB (6 GB per core)
  • Network: QDR Infiniband which is non-blocking over the entire cluster 
  • Storage: two Lustre systems of 500 TB with peak speeds of 17 GB/s (scratch) and 12 GB/s (home/rap)
  • Operating System: CentOS 5.10

The theoretical peak performance of the system is 77 TFLOP/s. The total memory of the system is 24 TB.

The usual development tools found on any Linux system (e.g. make, grep, awk, vi, emacs) are available.

The module command should be used to load a particular version of a compiler or library. You can see the software available on the system via module avail, while module list informs you of which software is currently loaded in your environment. With module unload and module load you can change the compiler or use another version of a library instead of the system default.