Advanced computing: a tool within your reach

Take advantage of the resources of high-performance computing

Advanced computing is now an essential tool for innovation and will become increasingly important in the coming years. It was formerly known as “high performance computing” and its use used to be restricted to researchers and companies working in fields such as fluid dynamics, physics and chemistry. It has now come to encompass data mining, the use of complex databases, and digital data processing in addition to modelling and simulation.

Many businesses make use of advanced computing in sectors as varied as aircraft and automobile design, traffic network optimization, and pharmaceutical development to speed up their innovative process.

But supercomputers involve sophisticated programming techniques that require skills you and your team may not have. Fortunately, companies such as yours can count on Calcul Québec’s expertise to help them with their projects and make sure they get the best out of our supercomputing equipment.

Calcul Québec has already helped more than 550 research groups and 1000 users.

Calcul Québec, the perfect environment for your project. Calcul Québec offers :

  • competitive rates;
  • highly-qualified specialists who can provide consulting services, technical support, analysis and training;
  • a highly flexible infrastructure available for both occasional short term needs and continuous intensive use;
  • a secure and confidential computing environment for your computations and data storage.

Calcul Québec, a partner in the success of your high-performance computing venture.