Support Team

In addition to computing resources, Calcul Québec provides a highly qualified team of experts distributed among several locations trougout the province.

The Calcul Québec team of specialists can assist you every step of the way by:

  • accompanying you for your first steps in the world of HPC;
  • advising you on the best technological choices for your project;
  • helping your team become more productive in its use of HPC;
  • helping you adapt your applications to the HPC infrastructure;

We can also provide assistance with specific tasks such as:

  • Script preparation;
  • Code parallelization (MPI, OpenMP, pthreads);
  • Vectorization;
  • Implementation of new algorithms;
  • Code optimization and/or construction of interfaces for new scientific libraries;
  • Coupling of two existing applications;
  • Addition of “checkpoint-restart” functionality to allow continuation of a code that has been stopped before completion;
  • Porting code to nVidia GPUs;
  • Scientific visualization;
  • The design and layout of new applications.