Calcul Québec, an Essential Research Infrastructure at the Heart of the National Research and Innovation Policy

Montreal, October 16th, 2013 – Calcul Québec welcomes the announcements made today at the presentation of the National Research and Innovation Policy. The Higher Education Minister Pierre Duchesne first announced a 25% increase to the Fonds de recherche du Québec before announcing increased support to major research platforms, which include Calcul Québec. “Numerical computations now play a key role for the majority of research domains as well for businesses. In the National Research and Innovation Policy, Calcul Québec appears between Génome Québec and Nano-Québec, an illustration of the synergy Calcul Québec can create between researchers of different backgrounds.” Marc Parizeau, Scientifc Director of Calcul Québec explained.

Advanced computing is now an essential tool for research and innovation in a large number of disciplines. For modeling and simulating complex physical or societal phenomena, or for the analysis of large data banks or flows, it is a key sector for the future of Quebec and of all modern societies. We need a coherent and ambitious policy, providing sustained and ongoing investments to maximize the impact of the funds allocated to Advanced Computing while minimizing costs, to advantageously position the province of Quebec at the international level.