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June 17th to 19th 2015


HPCS 2015, Canada’s foremost supercomputing conference, will be co-hosted by Compute Canada and Calcul Québec at the SGW campus of Concordia University in downtown Montreal from June 17th to June 19th 2015. As usual, the three days of the main conference will be preceded by two days of workshops and meetings on June 15th and 16th.

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On Friday October 17 the Guillimin system will be unavailable for all user access in order to perform a set of scheduled maintenance activities. This will include an interruption of power delivery to the entire ETS campus starting late in the evening of October 17.

Starting at 7:00 AM on Friday October 17, all active jobs will be cancelled and all queued jobs will be drained from the batch system. Access to all Guillimin login nodes and storage will be halted for the duration of the maintenance period. Regular access to Guillimin including the login nodes, batch system and storage is scheduled to resume by early evening on Saturday October 18.

The status of Guillimin can be followed on Twitter.

colosse thumbPlease take note that the Colosse team will be installing a new operating system, CentOS6, in replacement of CentOS5, during a planned maintenance scheduled for october 21st and 22nd. CentOS5, Colosse's current operating system, has been released on April 12th 2007, almost 7 years ago. The complete support of this operating system has been stopped during the first trimester of 2014. Some applications no longer support this operating system. In order to stay up to date, and to allow our users to use the most recent versions of their softwares, it has become necessary to update Colosse to CentOS6. The technical details of this transition and its impact on users can be found on our Wiki. You can also communicate with the Colosse team if you need further assistance.


Could species occurrence or specimen data generated in the past or by other studies and biodiversity inventories take your research to new heights? Canadensys invites you to express your interest in a workshop about its New Research Initiatives.

Canadensys, a nationally — and internationally — recognized resource of primary species occurrence data is looking to develop new approaches to research related directly or indirectly to biodiversity, in collaboration with a broad cross-section of Canadian scientists. This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore these new approaches and define their needs for data and tools in preparation for the Canada Foundation for Innovation 2015 cyber-infrastructure initiative.


Save the date! It is now official!

bannerCompute Canada is announcing the launch of the 2015 Resource Competitions. In addition to the familiar Resource Allocation Competition (RAC), there are now two other opportunities to access Compute Canada resources including the Fast Track and the NEW Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition.

For additional details on these three opportunities, visit the Compute Canada website. Please note the following deadlines:  

Fast Track
Octobre 2nd 2014
Resource Allocation Competition
Octobre 20th 2014
Research Platform and Portal Competition (Letter of Intent)
September 25th 2014

If you have any questions, contact

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The Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) just annouced the launch of Professor exchange program for members of the Strategic Clusters. The program aims to encourage international and interprovincial mobility among professors with research activities that fall within the scientific program of one of the Strategic Clusters funded by the FRQNT.For Calcul Québec, the project should be related to scientific computing.The program is quite similar to the International Internship Program. The clusters are responsible for selecting candidates through an internal competition, and selected candidates are then recommended to the FRQNT. In the case of Calcul Québec, the deadline to submit your application is Friday, november 7th, 2014.