Teaching support

Our policy

In some cases, our team may participate in educational support initiatives. However, the material and human resources that we can dedicate to such topics are limited. We therefore prioritize graduate courses that will lead to the use of our resources by the participants.


Some of our services are offered free of charge. However, charges may apply if demand exceeds our capacity in terms of time or infrastructure. These will be calculated according to our current price list at the academic rate.


If you wish to use our services, please write to us at support@calculquebec.ca with the subject and a description of your project, specifying your hardware, software, and support requirements in detail. We will then contact the person in charge of the course or event to negotiate an agreement.

Offered services

Introduction to Calcul Québec services

This one or two hour training provides a brief overview of Calcul Québec and Compute Canada services and how they work.

These training sessions are free of charge

Support for assistants and teachers

We can offer support to assistants and teachers as part of an advanced computing course. It is important to note that we do not answer questions from students during such classes.

Depending on your needs, fees may apply.

Review of course content

We can review the content of a course on the use of computational resources. This review ensures that the instructions are optimal and that they will not cause problems on our compute clusters.

Depending on your needs, fees may apply.

Regular or adapted training

We offer several workshops throughout the year that could meet your needs and we have developed a course catalog which details all of our training options.

For more information

Fees will apply according to our academic rates.

Access to compute clusters

  • Virtual Compute Cluster Service

We have the ability to create or help you create virtual compute clusters that replicate the environment of our compute clusters in a cloud space.

Depending on your needs, fees may apply.

  • Using Real Compute Clusters with Guest Accounts

When using virtual clusters is not technically possible, we sometimes have the option of creating guest accounts on our clusters. Please note that this possibility is only offered on an exceptional basis.

Depending on your needs, fees may apply.