Who are we?

About Calcul Québec Calcul Québec is an umbrella organization composed of Québec Universities brought together by advanced research computing (ARC). These member Universities, committed to better serve the needs of the research community through collaboration, pooled together their human and material ARC resources under the Calcul Québec banner. To meet the demands of today’s researchers, Calcul Québec relies on three main components:

  • Data centers hosting supercomputers at the leading edge of technology
  • Teams of highly qualified advanced research computing specialists
  • The excellence and expertise of Québec researchers in all spheres of knowledge

By combining these three elements and through collaborative projects in partnership with the industry, Calcul Québec promises to be a significant contributor to the economic development of Québec in a knowledge-based economy increasingly focused on digital technology. Calcul Québec accomplishes its mission as a Compute Canada Regional Partner. Compute Canada is the non-profit organization in charge of coordinating Advanced Research Computing efforts throughout Canada.

More than 550 research groups and around 1925 users take advantage of the resources made available to them by Calcul Québec to conduct research in fields as varied as pharmacy, pharmacology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, genomics, novel materials, telecommunications, transport, finance, humanities, risk management, aerodynamics, combustion, the environment, atmospheric sciences, astrophysics or artificial intelligence.