Infrastructures & Services

Compute Servers

Calcul Québec’s supercomputers, located in various universities, are available to researchers from across Quebec and Canada. Our systems total over 80 000 cores in a variety of configurations.

The technical characteristics of all our compute servers can be found on the Compute Canada Federation Wiki.

*Should you not find a system suitable to you research needs locally, our association with Compute Canada gives Quebec researchers access to all systems from Compute Canada’s other regional partners Acenet, Compute Ontario and Westgrid.


Each compute server has its own storage space. The home directory is used for storing ordinary text files. During computations, the fast access (scratch) space should be used instead.

A detailed description of the various storage types available, along with recommendations on how to use each of these storage spaces can be found on our Wiki.

Calcul Québec also has archiving platforms available. For more information on their use, contact us and tell us about your needs.

Videoconferencing and Visualization Room

Université Laval – salle PLT1138H

15 to 25 person capacity;
2x 70″ LCD monitors , Video input: HDMI and VGA, audio input: 2.5mm and HDMI;
Cisco/Tandberg HD H.323 System with multi-site capability;
Crestron control system.

This room was equiped jointly by Calcul Québec and Université Laval’s Faculté de Science et Génie. It is used by Calcul Québec for training sessions and to hold seminars with other Compute Canada sites. It is also made available to researchers for their collaborative projects involving Compute Canada’s staff and for their visualization needs.

To reserve the room for a scientific computing project, contact the Calcul Québec team at Université Laval:

National Services

Our association with Compute Canada also gives Québec researchers access to national services such as:

The Globus Portal, a data transfer and sharing service;

The Compute Canada Cloud