MonarQ: Quantum Computing Serving Research and Innovation



Montreal, May 8th, 2023 — Construction of MonarQ is progressing and Calcul Québec is preparing for its arrival. As part of these preparations, Calcul Québec has established a steering committee to guide the development of its quantum services. Additionally, a new training program has been launched, and the Snowflake and CirQ simulators have been installed on Narval, enabling our user community to start discovery and integrating MonarQ into their research plans.

Looking ahead, Calcul Québec will be conducting the first tests of MonarQ over the summer of 2023, in collaboration with selected research groups. This is a crucial step towards making this cutting-edge resource accessible to the entire Quebec research community by 2024.

If you are interested in using MonarQ, now is the time to prepare yourself:

  • Sign up for our training program to familiarize yourself with quantum computing and MonarQ’s environment. 
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About MonarQ

MonarQ is a universal superconducting quantum computer dedicated to research and innovation entirely designed in Quebec by Anyon Systems.

MonarQ is named after the monarch butterfly, an iconic insect of North America.