Canada’s new supercomputer niagara fuels canadian innovation and discovery

Toronto, ON (March 5, 2018) – Canada’s most powerful research supercomputer, Niagara, is now available to researchers of all disciplines across the country. Located at the University of Toronto and supported by the university’s high-performance computing division SciNet the system is open to all Canadian university researchers.

Niagara is part of a system of national advanced research computing infrastructure, which includes Cedar at Simon Fraser UniversityArbutus at the University of Victoria, and Graham at University of Waterloo.Together, these systems provide Canadian researchers with the tools to compete globally using big data and high-performance computing systems.

Advanced research computing is the backbone of Canadian innovation. Niagara will give researchers the computing power they need to study and find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. It will enable large-scale computation and simulation required for artificial intelligence, climate change research, ocean modelling, genomics, astrophysics, and other disciplines using big data research to fuel discovery.

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