Scientific Director | Calcul Québec

Calcul Québec is looking for a new Scientific Director whose two years term will begin in June 2020. 

In order to ensure a smooth transition with the current Scientific Director, Prof. Pierre-Étienne Jacques, we are inviting professors to apply now for this position. Details about the role of the Scientific Council and its Director can be found in Calcul Québec’s statutes (pages 7-8). In addition, the members of the board of directors and other governance committees are listed on our website.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for this position, please write to Ms. Suzanne Talon before Wednesday, September 18, If you are applying, please be sure to enclose your CV and a cover letter.

Cybersecurity analyst | ACENET

ACENET seeks a Cybersecurity Analyst to work on the implementation of cybersecurity policy and procedure across ACENET research computing services, with duties extending nationally through ACENET’s participation in the Compute Canada federation.  ACENET, in discussion with the successful candidate, will locate this position at one of our partner university campuses in Antigonish, NS, Halifax, NS, Fredericton, NB, or St. John’s. NL.

Reporting to ACENET’s Chief Technology Officer, the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring that ACENET’s research computing services and related projects have a level of security that is appropriate, evolving, and meets the requirements of ACENET’s clients and stakeholders. The analyst will participate in the development and implementation of new technological solutions, and will be responsible for planning and evaluating the security of these solutions. The analyst will work closely with Compute Canada’s security team, which sets national standards for the federation.

Closing date: August 1, 2019

Full job description and application process –