Calcul Québec Launches its Fall Schedule

September 13, 2023 – Calcul Québec takes advantage of the back-to-school season to announce the diversification of its events.


It is now tradition: our workshop schedule is launched at the beginning of the academic semester. However, our current edition sets itself apart with its scale and the nature of its events.

Acting on Our Community’s Input

Last summer, we asked our community to guide us in the choice of workshop subjects. “Results highlighted demand for more frequent parallel programming workshops, along with topics we had not covered in the past few years” states Charles Coulombe, our training coordinator. In response, our expert team decided to teach parallelization outside of its summer school and to develop an introduction to R workshop, which will be offered starting from the fall.

Our schedule also contains our four-sessions quantum computing series, which generated great enthusiasm last spring. “ We want to prepare our community for the arrival of MonarQ, our general quantum computer,” adds Charles Coulombe.

Considering these new additions, the total number of online workshops available in the fall amounts to 28, a rise of 12 in comparison to last year. Fortunately, the arrival of five recruits over the past year makes our team of analysts confident in their ability to carry out such an ambitious plan.

Experimenting With a New Format

The nature of Calcul Québec’s activities positions us at the intersection of the divisions within the Quebec research ecosystem. “We interact with researchers of various domains and institutions” states Lydia Vermeyden, our director of New Research Services Development. “Our team wanted to take advantage of this position by adding a new type of event to its calendar,” she explained. “The goal of the Horizons croisés series is to help researchers connect with each other and other experts. This way, they can discover how digital technologies and methods can be effectively and ethically integrated into their work.”

These monthly encounters can also be valuable for our team, as we expect they will allow us to learn more about the community we serve and to shape our services accordingly. 


Note that the Horizons croisés series will only be offered in french this fall.

Go to our Eventbrite page to sign up for our activities.