Our Researchers Honoured

Several Calcul Québec members have received honours in the past weeks. Calcul Québec is proud to support world-class researchers who’s work profits all of Québec society by allowing us to better our knowledge, improve our health and increase our well-being. Congratulations to all laureates.


An Honorary Doctorate for Claire Deschênes

At its 2016 fall convocation, University of Ottawa conferred an honorary doctorate to Claire Deschênes, mechanical engineering professor at Université Laval and pioneer in hydraulic turbine technology research.


ACFAS Prizes for Anne Bruneau and Gilbert Laporte

During its annual Gala, ACFAS presented the winners of its nine ACFAS researcher awards. Among them were two Calcul Québec members, Professor Gilbert Laporte from the operational research department at HEC Montréal received the ACFAS Urgel-Archambault award for physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering. ACFAS also presented Professor Anne Bruneau of Université de Montréal’s biological sciences department with the ACFAS Michel-Jurdant award for environmental sciences.


A Prix du Québec for Mario Leclerc and Alan Evans

The Québec Government also revealed the names of this year’s recipients of the Prix du Québec, and two Calcul Québec members were among the researchers honoured. The Prix du Québec is the highest distinction granted annually by the Québec government for culture and sciences. Mister Mario Leclerc, professor of chemistry at Université Laval, is this year’s recipient of the Prix Marie-Victorin which recognizes a remarkable career in natural sciences and engineering. Alan Evans from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (Affiliated to McGill University) was awarded the Prix Wilder-Penfield 2016 for an outstanding career in a biomedical research field. Professor Evans has headed the CBRAIN project since 2008. CBRAIN is an online research platform that gives researchers an immediate access to brain imaging data in three or four dimensions.