High Performance Computing for Everyone

Are you a teacher, a student, a parent or just someone curious about supercomputers and why high performance computing is important? You are in the right place !

Béluga, a supercomputer for science

Did you say SUPERcomputer? In the 1960s, a supercomputer was actually a really big computer. At the time, to get more power, we tried to manufacture bigger and bigger computer parts! This may seem logical, but we quickly realized that the laws of physics (and our wallet) prevented us from going too big. To overcome...

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Zombie Code

“Zombie code is an expression used to describe software functionality that is more or less abandoned or unsupported but which still appears in the current source code,” explains Daniel Stubbs, scientific analyst at Calcul Quebec and part of the Compute Canada Federation. These lines of code are no longer useful and they are not executed....

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